100,000 ¥

Card is free of cost.

A purchase of MNT 100000 or above will entitle for 3% discount. This Can be single or multiple transactions Making the above-mentioned amount.


1,500,000 ¥

When the Purchases made and accumulated up to 1,500,000 ¥, the discount will Increase to 5%.


3,000,000 ¥

When the purchases made reaches 3,000,000 ¥, the discount will Increase to 7%.


5,000,000 ¥

When the purchases made reaches 5,000,000 ¥, the discount will be upgraded to 10% and will be VIP Card Holder


Terms and conditions of use:

This card entitles its user to get discount only for the purchases made for him /her and/ or their family and friends.
This card does not apply to a booking/party which is arranged by/ through an organization, credit vouchers, or barter transactions; etc. 
In times when the card cannot be utilized due to circumstances not affected by Namaste Restaurant such as (but not limited to) electricity breakdown, technical collapses with software/POS system, or acts of God; etc. the same discount cannot be applied to your next purchases. 
This card is not applicable during times of promotional discounts or combined with Birthday discounts.
Namaste Restaurant reserves the right to make changes or completely abolish the smart diner card scheme without serving prior notice its holders. 


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